Cover for Latest Book

Housewife to DOminatrix male submission.jpg

Thought I’d share the cover for my latest book Housewife to Dominatrix: A Couple’s Journey into Male Submission. I’m currently completing the final edits. When it goes live on Amazon, I’ll let everyone know here and also on my mailing list along with other social media platforms. The final word count is right around 120k words, so this one is much longer than my previous works, but I wanted to write a good size novel since this is something rarely seen in the female domination genre.

Here’s the book description:

Claire is the doting newlywed who keeps the house spotless, grows the best tulips on the block, and her key lime pie just took blue ribbon at the county fair. No one suspects that her marriage is already in trouble. When her husband is laid off from the local coal mine, things only get worse as Claire is forced to look for work. The only callback she receives is from a cryptic online ad requesting her to entertain men’s submissive fantasies. She initially refuses. Claire knows nothing about being a dominatrix, nor would her husband ever approve. But as the bills begin to pile up and her husband still can’t find work, Claire is forced to take the position.

The head domme, Mistress Rose, promises to take Claire under her wing. From the first swing of the paddle, Claire discovers a new sense of power and confidence that she never knew she possessed. While her husband believes she’s taken a job at an upscale clothing store, he’s beginning to notice some peculiar changes in his wife.

This traditional, small town couple is about to discover that sometimes it’s better for the woman to wear the pants—even if those pants are made of leather.

Cover Design

The cover for my latest story is being designed by Cormar Covers. Yoly has worked with some of the top erotica authors, so I’m very excited to have her assistance. I’ll post a cover reveal as soon as it is ready. You can check out her work on the link. It’s pretty awesome.

Also, I’ll be making updates to my previous post. The working title Mission: Seduction has been changed to Reckless. The book description has also undergone some major changes (for the better, I think). I’ll also have to scale back the sample on her to only show 10% of the book or 4k words. Amazon is pretty strict about having no more than 10% of a story anywhere on the net (free or not) if it’s in Kindle Unlimited. Better not upset the Zon. But I’ll keep up the current sample until it goes live.

I just got a fresh round of edits back. After I make those changes and give it another few pass throughs, I think this sucker is ready to go live. I’m still shooting for the end of this week, but I’ll keep everyone posted.