Maimi Book Fair


This weekend I went out to the Miami Book Fair for the first time. Every year I talk about going, but this time around I finally got off my butt and went. It was great to see local writers, and I got a bunch of books at a great price. For anyone in the Miami area, today is the last day if you want to check it out.


I took this weekend off from editing Housewife to Dominatrix. I usually work seven days a week, so it was great to have a few days to get out with the family. Also, next week I’ll be posting a blog entry on cuckolding.

National Novel Writing Month Coming Up!

The National Novel Writing Month is starting in November! I’m really exciting to be participating this year. We’ll see if this widget updates properly as my word count goes up. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though! If it doesn’t work, I’ll give updates as I go along. I’m about 50k words into my current novel so I should be able to knock it out by the time November rolls around to start on a new one.

Here’s the site if you’d like to join the fun.

Also, next month is the Miami Book Fair. If you’re in the Miami area, come check it out. I’m going to stop by the street fair event for one day. The actual fair is Nov. 15-22, but the street fair pictured below is on that weekend of Nov. 20-22. Parking and the street fair is free too, so you can’t beat that.