Tutoring the Cuckoldress is now available for sale!


I hope you enjoy cuckolding-themed stories because this story, along with the few others I’ll soon be putting out, are all about first-time cuckolds and their deviant cuckoldresses. I’m releasing this at a special introductory price for only $0.99 (or for free if you’re Kindle Unlimited member). The description is below. Hope you enjoy it!

Lewis takes full advantage of being a college tutor. The handsome graduate gets paid to teach some of academia’s cutest struggling females. All it takes is a bump of the leg or a brush of the arm before they’re falling under his charm—until he meets Sabrina Schmidt.

His old tactics will get him nowhere with the buxom lingerie model studying abroad. Sabrina’s got her own lesson plan, and he’s about to be enrolled into a femdom course that will leave him aching for the dominant woman who’s far out of his league.

Class will take place in the bedroom and blindfolds will be freely provided. After a few strands of rope are put to good use, Lewis will be introduced to a lesson he’ll never forget.

Topics to be covered in class include the following delicious subjects:

Cuckold Emasculation
Merciless Tease and Denial
Vibrating Toys
Cleanup Duties

And much more . . .

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