Forced to Watch: First-time Cuckold is now live!


This is yet again another cuckolding-themed story about a first-time cuckold and his deviant cuckoldress. I’m releasing Forced to Watch at a special introductory price of only $0.99 (or for free if you’re Kindle Unlimited member). The description is below. Hope you enjoy it!

Not even out of college, and already, Ashton is Silicon Valley’s tech darling. He’s dating a wealthy sophomore bombshell and is soon to be admitted into one the Ivy’s League’s most prestigious secret societies.

Only one final test of devotion remains.

His girlfriend, Amanda, has been invited to a private gathering in a stately mansion away from campus, and the secret society’s members don’t want Ashton tagging along. Amanda has always been a little wild with the boys, and when Ashton is given the opportunity to spy on her, he’s forced to confront his deepest insecurities and the man he’ll never be.

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