Cuckold Cadet is now Live!


My latest story Cuckold Cadet is now available for purchase. This is yet again another cuckolding-themed story about a first-time cuckold and his deviant cuckoldress. If you’re Kindle Unlimited member, it’s free. The description is below. Hope you enjoy it!

For too long, you’ve secretly desired submitting to your wife and being her cuckold. But you can’t tell her. What would she think? How would any sane woman react other than packing her bags and calling a divorce lawyer? So, as a reasonable man, you do the reasonable thing. You stuff your desires as far down as possible, and when you absolutely can’t resist the bubbling need to submit, you splurge on Internet dominatrixes.

But secrets don’t stay secret for long.

While fighting terrorism overseas in the Middle East, you receive a letter from your wife. Upon reading the contents, you discover to your horror—and perhaps delight—that she knows far more than you presumed. Your wife has formed a devious plan for her new cadet and the training begins right now.

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