Housewife to Dominatrix Now Available for Sale

Housewife to DOminatrix male submission

Housewife to Dominatrix: A Couple’s Journey into Male Submission is now live on Amazon.

I’m really excited to get this one out. Not only is this the longest book I’ve written, it’s also by far my favorite. Letting go and hitting the publish button was difficult, but after nearly 120k words, I knew the story had reached its conclusion. Writing a novel is similar to being pregnant. It can hurt like hell near the end (especially when you’ve battled a nasty cold for the last three weeks), but when the final product is spat out, you wipe the sweat from your brow with joy abound and the crazy thought of doing it all over again. Sometimes I think it’s us writers who are the real masochists.

I worked hard to produce a story that is as realistic as possible. I know how annoying it is to read about some mindless dweeb without a backbone signing up for total power exchange after five minutes of meeting the domme. Watching the already submissive (and stupid) submit is no fun. I’ve also crafted a tale in which our domme in question isn’t the butt-kicking femme fatale at the opening.

Below is the book description. Hope you guys enjoy reading this one as much as I did writing it—even with those labor pains at the end.

Claire is the doting newlywed who keeps the house spotless, grows the best tulips on the block, and bakes key lime pies earning blue ribbons at the county fair. Her husband, Andy, manages the finances and works grueling shifts at the local coal mine. No one suspects that this young couple’s marriage is already on the brink.

Their stress is compounded when Andy is laid off, forcing Claire to seek employment. The only callback she receives is from a cryptic online ad requesting her to entertain men’s submissive fantasies. Claire knows nothing about being a dominatrix, nor would her husband ever approve. However, as the bills begin to pile up and Andy still can’t find work, Claire feels compelled to take the position.

From the first swing of the paddle, Claire discovers a new sense of power and confidence. While Andy believes she’s taken a job at an upscale clothing store, he’s beginning to notice some odd changes in his wife.

This traditional, small town couple is about to discover that sometimes it’s better for the woman to wear the pants—even if those pants are made of leather.

Housewife to Dominatrix is a sprawling story of romance, submission, and sacrifice, confronting real issues of power exchange in an authentic relationship that will leave you aching for more.

CAUTION: If you are a submissive male currently wearing a chastity belt, I highly urge you to posses an emergency key or to have your mistress’ permission for release prior to reading this book. I disavow all responsibility for any arising cases of blue balls, no matter how gut-wrenchingly severe they may be.

You have been warned.