Pegged by the Officer Live!

Pegged (5)

Hey, everyone! If you aren’t on my mailing list, just wanted to let you know that my next story Pegged by the Officer has gone live on Amazon and is available for $2.99. It’s femdom erotica in a horror style. Just as a warning, this one is more hardcore than say, Room 407. I think it’s best comparable to Alternative Therapy. There’s a good rich story surrounding the characters that I think you’ll enjoy. I’m not a big fan of femdom that only has a hot chick demanding she be referred to as mistress before unleashing a furry of nonstop sadism, so I try to give you more than just a series of fetishes. Product description below.

Clyde and his buddies may think they can cruise a Texas roadways smokin’ dope and playing that hippy music, but this ain’t Woodstock. Officer Sinclair is out in force, looking to bust naughty college students who think drugs are cool. Finding fifty pounds of Mexico’s finest, she’s taking these potheads downtown where they can learn an important lesson about authority. These boys are about to find out that everything really is bigger in Texas—even the strap-ons.

17,000 words of hardcore female domination. Fetishes: Caning, CBT, Feminization, Strap-on. Yeah, that means adults only.

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