Claiming the CEO is now live


Claiming the CEO is now live for purchase at Amazon. 60k words or about 180 pages.

Peter has everything. As CEO of a Fortune 100 company, his handsome face routinely graces the cover of Fortune. He dates movie stars and supermodels. From New York to LA, he’s one of America’s most eligible bachelors.

But Peter has a secret.

When he’s not releasing the hottest tech gizmo or strategizing the latest acquisition, Peter serves the world-renowned Mistress Lin. She’s pleased with his servitude, but Mistress Lin wants him to submit to her as more than just a paying client.

After they meet in Vegas for an extended session and a business crisis alters their kinky plans, Mistress Lin seizes the opportunity by taking control of more than just his fetishes. Peter won’t surrender easily, though. The proud CEO and the determined mistress will battle in a fierce game of power exchange that can only have one winner.

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