This week I finished the first draft of Brandon, my latest erotica story. Yay! At 93,000 words it’s one of my longer works, but I think it reads quickly. Despite the title, it follows a fairly large cast of main characters. Brandon takes place in Miami and follows a group of young professionals as they try to find love and meaning in their lives.

Brandon is the young CEO of a top-performing hedge fund, Ambrose Investments. By day, he’s the financial wizard setting record returns for his clients, but at night, he’s one of Miami’s biggest players. Abhorring monogamy, Brandon lives by only one rule: he only fucks a girl three times. Bored with easy women, he takes on the challenge of seducing an innocent woman into becoming a sex fein.

Lexie is a first-year auditor assigned to the Ambrose Investment audit. Having moved out from the midwest only a year ago, Lexie is still in culture shock. The shy accountant has a chance encounter with Brandon who, to her surprise, asks her out on a date.

Veronica is Lexie’s best friend and condominium neighbor. The beautiful psychologist always appears stunning and has guys and gals coming back to her apartment almost every night. While her career may allude to a stable individual, Veronica’s breakup with her wandering fiancé has her clinging to anything that can help her to forget the past. When a patient begins to develop feels for her, her addled world only gets more confusing.

There are a several other interesting characters that I’ll leave as a surprise. The story is told from each individual’s point of view, so I had a lot of fun with the unreliable narrator and exploring their misconceptions toward one another. Of course, there’s plenty of hot sex throughout the story to enjoy, as well!

I know I’ve been neglecting my core audience by not putting out any femdom stories since Room 407. Don’t despair! I’m about halfway into the next femdom tale, Claiming the CEO. It feels great to be back to writing about men licking the heels of a superior woman and getting bent over. 🙂 I’ll write another blog post discussing the story in greater detail. While Brandon is out for edits, I’m going to finish Claiming the CEO in the next week or two. I’ve got several more femdom ideas bouncing around my head that I really want to put to paper in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

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