Reckless Available Now

Reckless Cover

Reckless is now live. You can pick up your copy here. Also, remember that you can read all of my titles with Kindle Unlimited.

“His hand slides up my leg. I don’t push it away. There’s no wire on me. No one is watching me except for Diego, and he’s not the man they think he is…”

The undercover assignment was supposed to be simple: date the infamous-billionaire criminal Diego Martinez, discover his inner circle, and get him talking. Love was the last thing on my mind. Now I’m walking a tightrope between agent and accomplice, and just to screw with my head even more, my old partner has been assigned to the case. I always wondered what could have been between Nick and me, but he always played by the rules. Not me, though. I make my own rules. And Diego’s determined to make me break them all.

Reckless is a 40,000 word HEA stand-alone.

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