Cover Design

The cover for my latest story is being designed by Cormar Covers. Yoly has worked with some of the top erotica authors, so I’m very excited to have her assistance. I’ll post a cover reveal as soon as it is ready. You can check out her work on the link. It’s pretty awesome.

Also, I’ll be making updates to my previous post. The working title Mission: Seduction has been changed to Reckless. The book description has also undergone some major changes (for the better, I think). I’ll also have to scale back the sample on her to only show 10% of the book or 4k words. Amazon is pretty strict about having no more than 10% of a story anywhere on the net (free or not) if it’s in Kindle Unlimited. Better not upset the Zon. But I’ll keep up the current sample until it goes live.

I just got a fresh round of edits back. After I make those changes and give it another few pass throughs, I think this sucker is ready to go live. I’m still shooting for the end of this week, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

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