What I’m working on

For those not on my mailing list, here’s what I’m working on and some (very rough) expected release dates. If you’d like to be added to the mailing list, just click the Mailing List tab at the top and enter your email. I only email about new releases and something really big like the launch of this blog. I promise not send you daily emails begging you to buy my book or other annoying spam.

I do have some self-respect.

In the past, I’ve written mostly femdom works with a few short story exceptions. I’ve decided to branch out and also write some traditional erotica/romance. That doesn’t mean I’m not writing femdom any longer. I am. However, I’d like to explore the other avenues of erotica, as well. I think it will make me an overall better writer in the process. I’m not sure how many of you who have read my previous works will be into more mainstream erotica, but hopefully it will be interesting enough to sway over a few you.

First off, I’m in the final edits of a romantic suspense. I really like this one. As of now, the title is Mission: Seduction. It’s about a CIA agent who is tasked with going undercover in Peru to gather evidence against a large drug supplier, Diego. She struggles not to fall for Diego or an old love interest assigned to the case. As these two men fight for her affection, she’ll be forced to face her past and the death of her father. Later today, I’ll try to upload a couple of sample chapters for anyone who’s interested. This baby’s 99% ready to go. Next week it should be available for purchase.

Also, I’m 72k into an erotica piece about a young woman in public accounting who gets asked out by the manager of a hedge fund that she’s auditing. Lexie thinks her dreams have come true. Brandon is one of the most successful young business men in the industry after he took over Ambrose Investments from his father. But Brandon has a rule: three fucks and the relationship is over. He doesn’t break that rule for anyone, and he has good reasons for doing so. I think I’ve got about another 20k to 30k left in that one. Edits take the longest time, so I’m hoping October, but don’t hold me to that.

Finally, I haven’t forgotten about femdom. I’m really having fun with one I’m 30k words into. The sub is a major alpha running a Fortune 100 company. In the corporate world he submits to no one. However, Mistress Lin loves a challenge and she’s determined to have Peter submit everything to her. I’m still getting to know Mistress Lin, but so far she’s pretty good at getting what she wants in a very quiet, stern voice. And watch out when that girl has a whip. Crack! I think this one is going to end around 50k to 60k words with a rough date of sometime in November.

Okay, that’s it for now. Back to writing/editing. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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